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.722/5468153 In:Mappings | 2 Ordinal number 1 Namespaces1.In:Mappings – These are unqualified namespaces. Namespace qualifiers are 'in' or 'internal'.2.Ordinal number 1 Namespaces – These are qualified namespaces and have no prefix.Assigning new namespaces to an entity isn’t automatically assigned to the entity if the entity already has a namespace qualified name. Thus, in practice, the first use of an entity is treated as creating a new namespace qualified entity and the second use as simply assigning it to the existing entity. In a language that supports unique identifiers and namespaces, these entities will have unique identifiers and the correct namespace will be automatically added.To deal with this when creating entities, the EntityFactory interface should be implemented. The Create() method allows the entity to be created by assigning it to a unique identifier. If the identifier cannot be used because it already has a namespace qualified name, then the CreateNamespaceQualified() method should be called. Once the entity has been created, the Replace() method should be used to replace the old namespace qualified identifier with the newly created namespace qualified identifier.In the case of legacy databases, the Replace() method cannot be used. In that case, the SetNamespace() method should be called instead. This only works with namespace qualified identifiers. A new namespace qualified identifier is created and a Replace() method is called to replace the namespace qualified identifier with it. The above then applies and the namespace qualified identifier should be replaced with the new namespace qualified identifier. However, if an old namespace qualified identifier is passed to the SetNamespace() method, the Replace() method will be called and the same namespace qualified identifier will be replaced with the new namespace qualified identifier.DumpEntities() is also only really useful for entity replacement, as it is used to create




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